Posted in March 2011

Gilpin Lodge

Gilpin Lodge

It was a lovely surprise to receive an email from Gilpin Hotel and Lake House Lodge saying I’d won a 2 night stay for 2 in their Relais & Chateaux accommodation in the Lake District.  I ‘ummed’ and ‘aarred’ about how we could smuggle the children in, but everyone convinced me that it should be … Continue reading

Craft & Cooking Part I

Craft & Cooking Part I

Those of you who know me will also know my dislike of doing craftwork and my poor cookery results in basic home economics. For me, craft is way too messy and takes far too long, all the effort that goes into making a greeting card when you can buy one for under a pound, is … Continue reading

Night out with the girls

It’s been a while since I went out in the evening. Usually, once the children are in bed I have only the energy to sit on the sofa and eat dinner in front of the TV. What a slob!  However, last night a group of mummies from our church Tots ‘n’ Tinies group met up … Continue reading

Proverbs 31 for 2011 women

I was thinking about Proverbs 31 and how I’d love to be like a virtuous woman. I see the Holy Spirit working in many of my friends and they are amazing role models to me. The way they calmly juggle the demands of running the home, being an amazing mother, loving wife and child of … Continue reading

Shower Room

Jez has been working really hard finishing off the remaining building works. He has recently rendered the front wall, helped Dad to cut the hedges and shifted some rubble.   At the moment, Jez is spending a lot of his time working on the shower room. It’s been very exciting, today we chose the tiles … Continue reading

Hythe Marina

  We had a lovely time in Hythe today, the sun was out and it was almost t-shirt weather!       Charlotte and Jez had lots of fun taking the pier train and small ferry across Southampton water to Town Quay, while me and William searched the charity shops for a bargain. We met … Continue reading

Living The Good Life

In our house we are (I am) thinking of ways to be more frugal.  Times are hard for everyone so I would like to start gathering ideas, hints and tips to save money wherever I can. It is unlikely that I will ever be a keen gardener, so growing my own fruit and veg like Barbara … Continue reading

Frugal Living Tips

Here are my Frugal Living Tips to make sure that as Virtuous Women we do not overspend and that we make the most of what we have. KITCHEN & DINING ROOM * Use Dettol, lemon juice and water in an empty anti-bacterial spray bottle for a cheaper alternative * Shop at Lidl or Aldi to … Continue reading

Amber bead necklace

William with his necklace on Praise God, our great Creator for all the beautiful and amazing gifts He has given us on this earth. I’m referring to things like mint tea for digestion, lavender oil for relaxation, ginger for depression, asparagus as an aphrodisiac, cloves for oral anaesthetic, dock leaves for nettle stings and amber … Continue reading


I’m not sure if there was something in the air today, but Charlotte and her friends Sophie and Daniel were a little disruptive and disobedient, to say the least. Trampolining was not fun for me, Helen and Elbrie but the children seems to enjoy misbehaving with zeal! It was hard to know how to react, … Continue reading


Our first holiday with Charlotte was fairly hard work, but equally enjoyable. It was in October 2009 and Charlotte was 3 months old.  We went with Mum and Dad and stayed the first few nights in Ludlow Castle, Shropshire and the remaining nights in the Lion Hotel (where Mum and Dad had their honeymoon). Ludlow … Continue reading

The joys of breastfeeding, weaning and finger food.

> Breastfeeding Charlotte Breastfeeding William Government guidelines suggest that weaning a baby is carried out at 6 months and not before, until that time breastmilk is best and provides all your baby needs.  Mmm, well, I breastfed both my children and loved it (once I’d got over the toe-curling pain of cracked and bleeding nipples) but … Continue reading

What a beautiful day

> The weather was so lovely today, we saw about 10 hours of sunshine! The children played outdoors on the patio, Charlotte made a track in the flowerbeds for her cars while William watched from his play mat, chattering away in baby language. The sun was warm and it felt like Spring, all the garden toys came out and … Continue reading

Why did I do it?

> I feel quite sad tonight and it’s because I gave William’s hair a little trim. Trouble was, I got a bit carried away and turned into Edward Scissorhands. This is him with lovely locks. This is him with lovely locks before the re-style, William had these gorgeous little curls, he looked ssoooo cute, but … Continue reading

Our evening

The TV was turned off, the housework abandoned, the lights down low, it wasn’t going to be a quickie, we hadn’t done it in ages, just me and Jez……..oh, and God. We spent an evening in prayer. It was lovely to spend time with God and time just ‘being’. No pressures, no motives, no deadlines, … Continue reading


Yesterday morning I woke with a splitting headache, not sure if it was to do with drinking wine on an empty stomach the night before, or the fact we had another broken nights sleep with the little ones.  Charlotte got out of the wrong side of bed in the morning, she was crying A LOT and couldn’t calm … Continue reading

Jez’s 46th Birthday Meal

It is tradition that we meet up with Sue and Simon for a meal on our birthdays. Sue and Jez share a birthday and this year we went to a Turkish restaurant in Eastleigh. When the place opened a couple of years ago it was really great, the decor, atmosphere and food was fantastic, the … Continue reading