Frugal Living Tips

Here are my Frugal Living Tips to make sure that as Virtuous Women we do not overspend and that we make the most of what we have.


* Use Dettol, lemon juice and water in an empty anti-bacterial spray bottle for a cheaper alternative

* Shop at Lidl or Aldi to reduce your grocery bill by 20% (remember to take your own bags)

* Waitrose make large discounts after 4pm

* Shop at Charity Shops in upmarket towns such as Lyminton, Winchester, Bath to get affordable ‘label’ items

* Primark sell trendy clothing and accessories at the lowest price on the high street

* Invest in a wipeable tablecloth, lasts for ages and saves on washing and ironing

* Take a look around the 99p stores, you’ll be surprised at what you can get

* Make a shopping list and don’t shop on an empty stomach


* Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Matalan sell great ornaments, finishings etc for a reasonable price

* Use carpet cut-offs to carpet your lounge, it is often cheaper than buying off the roll

* Check out FreeCycle for furniture, expecially in wealthier areas


* Buy seductive underwear from Matalan or Primark, hopefully it won’t stay on long anyway!

* Hide inexpensive duvet covers with pretty throws and pillows


* Do not throw away tubes without cutting them in half first – you’ll be surprised just how much more you can squeeze out (toothpaste, foundation, hair serum etc)

* A good moisturising bar of soap is much better that shower gel. It foams up well, lasts longer, using less packing and costs less that a quid.

* Vaseline or coconut oil can be used as lip gloss, to thicken lashes, as a hair serum, on dry skin patches, it’s cheap and lasts ages

* Enjoy a bath with your baby or toddler to reduce on water and products used

* Use a hair conditioner to shave legs

* Buy loo rolls from Lidl or Aldi, they are really cheap and just as soft ‘n’ strong


* Use sites such as eBay, FreeCycle and Groupon – but only if you were going to buy it anyway!

* Avoid eating out on bank holidays, Valentines days etc as prices are increased at certain times of the year

* Check out local colleges for beauty treatments, hair care etc, they are a fraction of the price of high street salons

* Ditch the gym membership and venture into the great outdoors, experience some fresh air and God’s creation


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