Jez and I met in the Spring of 2002, he was my builder as I was having a lot of work done on the bungalow in King’s Sombourne. After a while we became close friends and this relationship lasted for many months, then we fell in love with each other.

Looking back, God sent Jez to me at the perfect time, he became the friend I really needed.

We started ‘dating’ about 9 months after we first met, our relationship became ‘passionate’ and we spent weekends clubbing, drinking and living wild, often outrageuos lives. In 2005, things calmed down a litte. We had been through a lot in those 3 years and it was now time to stop burying our heads in the alcohol and living ‘the good’ life, we had to face up to some issues and make some big decisions. It was a painful time as we had a lot of things that needed ‘sorting’ most of which were not the usual run-of-the-mill problems couples would face. We had a lot against us, but Jez remained supportive and loving at all times.

Our relationship was being held together by the power of our God, as there was no way we would have been able to come through things in our own strength.


Charlotte was an adorable baby, although she didn’t really sleep until she was about 1 year old. She just cried and cried and we tried everything, every method, every trick, but no she just didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours at a stretch.

Charlotte is a very strong, determined and active little girl and was like this as a baby too. She was physically advanced and reached every milestone very early on in her development, crawling at 6 months and cruising by 9 months. Charlotte was often the first to do anything, the first to roll, sit up, crawl, walk, climb, physically she amazed everyone and had quite a reputation for always being 100mph. Charlotte would be the child who’d dive head first into the toy box with just her legs waving in the air, she’d be the one who’d be standing on the highchair tray hoping for a smile.

When I took her out in the pram, people would stop me and comment on her beauty. Strangers used to come up to me and say that she was the prettiest baby they’d ever seen. It took me a while to get used to people telling me this, I found I didn’t know how to respond. As she has turned from a toddler into a little girl, Charlotte has developed a great sense of humour and cheeky personality, she brings a lot of joy to those around her.

As with all children, Charlotte enjoys a cuddle, but rarely sits still long enough to get snuggly. She is now 4 and recently started school, my little girl is growing up but she will always be my baby!


My little boy, what a bond there is between a mother and her little boy. I was always worried that I wouldn’t love my second child as much as I love Charlotte, but God provides you with more love to give, a mother’s love is multiplied, not divided.

William was a lovely newborn baby, he was a laid back little lad happy to eat, smile, poo and sleep with minimal fuss. William has the a face that reminds me of a sunbeam, he is adorable and when he smiles he melts hearts.

William is the complete opposite of Charlotte in character and temperament, he was not in any hurry to roll, sit up, crawl or walk, he does things in his own pace and is very calm. He loves a cuddle and is atypical mummies boy, which I’m not in a hurry to change.  Regrettably, William has experienced second-child syndrome in so far as we have not taken photos every day, saved every drawing and recorded every milestone (as we did with Charlotte). However, he is now at pre-school a couple of days a week and I hope to spend some valuable time with him now Charlotte is at school. He is my little bundle of joy and the complete cutey.