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Amber bead necklace

William with his necklace on Praise God, our great Creator for all the beautiful and amazing gifts He has given us on this earth. I’m referring to things like mint tea for digestion, lavender oil for relaxation, ginger for depression, asparagus as an aphrodisiac, cloves for oral anaesthetic, dock leaves for nettle stings and amber … Continue reading

Our evening

The TV was turned off, the housework abandoned, the lights down low, it wasn’t going to be a quickie, we hadn’t done it in ages, just me and Jez……..oh, and God. We spent an evening in prayer. It was lovely to spend time with God and time just ‘being’. No pressures, no motives, no deadlines, … Continue reading

Charlotte – pregnancy and birth

Charlotte – pregnancy and birth

Falling pregnanct with Charlotte was quite a shock, it wasn’t that we were not trying, but Jez had had a vascectomy reversal and there was only a slight chance of ‘things’ working. I was very anxious carrying my first child, I wanted to obtain every piece of information I could about pregnancy and birth and … Continue reading