I’m not sure if there was something in the air today, but Charlotte and her friends Sophie and Daniel were a little disruptive and disobedient, to say the least. Trampolining was not fun for me, Helen and Elbrie but the children seems to enjoy misbehaving with zeal! It was hard to know how to react, in front of the instructor and other mummies whose children were behaving properly. Do we shout, punish, ignore, remove from the situation? I think we tried all of these options in the hour long lesson.

Elbrie and I eventually gave in to our children and let them race around the hall in between their turns on the trampoline. Helen was more successful and Sophie managed to at least stay where she was told, even if she couldn’t quite sit still. At one point when all 3 children were actually located where they were suppossed to be while waiting their turns Sophie was up and down jumping like a yo-yo, Daniel was digging for gold up his left nostril and Charlotte proceeded to remove her trousers and knickers, showing her bottom to everyone,  Oh the fun! At least today was the last session, I won’t be doing it again next term!


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