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Yippee – Summer is here!

What lovely weather we’re having……at long last!  However, the children were overheating, becoming rather hot and bothered, so we took a quick trip to the supermarket and took advantage of the air conditioning; and in particular the fridge isles.  We couldn’t stay there all day without being suspected of shoplifting, so we headed home and … Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt was a great success, it was a lovely Spring day and Ruth (the Easter Bunny) had hidden little chocolate eggs and nests around her lovely garden. It was so nice watching the children run around the daisy-filled lawn, skip between the blossom-filled apple trees and hurry to open their prizes around … Continue reading

What a beautiful day

> The weather was so lovely today, we saw about 10 hours of sunshine! The children played outdoors on the patio, Charlotte made a track in the flowerbeds for her cars while William watched from his play mat, chattering away in baby language. The sun was warm and it felt like Spring, all the garden toys came out and … Continue reading