Our first holiday with Charlotte was fairly hard work, but equally enjoyable. It was in October 2009 and Charlotte was 3 months old.  We went with Mum and Dad and stayed the first few nights in Ludlow Castle, Shropshire and the remaining nights in the Lion Hotel (where Mum and Dad had their honeymoon).

Ludlow Castle and Ludlow town are beautiful and I would recommend the place to anyone, it has a wonderful history and the accommodation was first class. Shrewsbury is my place of birth and it felt quite sentimental to take Charlotte around The Dingle (although she was only very small). We also visited family and took Charlotte to meet Nan who adored her.

Our second holiday was in May 2009, it was just the 3 of us and we went to the Lake District as we felt walking/hiking was something we wanted to persue as a family. We’d invested in new walking boots, maps and a MacPac so Charlotte could enjoy our venture high upon mummy or daddys back.

Our accommodation was a lodge on Lake Windermere, but was actually a caravan with a wooden balcony on a campsite with a road leading to the lake.  You couldn’t swing a cat in there. Charlotte was 9 months old and cruising around, so everything in the caravan became a hazard.  I think we managed one walk and that was around Lake Coniston which was lovely, we returned back to the start on a ferry it was all quite perfect. However, the weather wasn’t too kind and the rest of the holiday it rained, not normal rain but Cumbrian rain which is different!

We visited pretty towns and dipped in and out of shops and boutiques trying to avoid the showers, but in the end we resorted to driving around and around and around trying to locate ‘kiddie play zones’ just so that Charlotte could let off a bit of steam.  It was so dissappointing that we decided to drive back early through the night on about day 4 of our 7 night holiday.  Oh well.



Our third holiday was very different to any I’d had before, it was in September 2010, Charlotte had just turned 2 and William was 5 months old. We decided to go to Portugal and I spent a long time researching the right accommodation to suit us as a family.


The main criteria being 1. walking distance to beach and town, 2. play park nearby and 3. swimming pool with accommodation. I eventually found somewhere and we booked it up along with flights from Southampton Airport.


The start of the holiday was lovely, yes it was hard work but it was so nice to experience a proper family holiday.  The transfer from the airport to the accommodation was late and we felt somewhat stranded until we met up, he had also lost his keys so we had to wait in his hot 4×4 until he found them. Deep joy.

A park

Unfortunately the accommodation was 5 minutes ‘drive’ to the beach and town, which meant it was about an hour walk with buggies, the play park had been removed but we did have a pool.  We were lacking hot water, but luckily a man showed Jez how to put his hand up into the inside of the boiler and fiddle with some loose wires everytime we needed to run a bath or do the washing up.

Another park

Unlike Charlotte at 5 months William hated the swimming pool, but Charlotte loved it and learned a little more about boyancy.  Nevertheless, after a short time Charlotte soon got bored, so once again our holiday was spent searching for things for Charlotte to do, much the same as the Lakes holiday but with sunshine.

We hunted out play parks, a road train and arcades all which meant we overspent our somewhat limited budget.


A ride

Another ride
Yep, yet another ride…

There was no sex, drugs or rock and roll, I spent all of 5 minutes sunbathing and our children didn’t sleep so Jez was in with Charlotte and I was in with William, we couldn’t risk more than a couple of glasses of wine as the nights were spent pushing the buggies for miles trying to get the little ones off to sleep.


Yes, still awake


Finally sleeping


Discovering ice cubes




Still smiling


Jez deep in thought

It was a lovely holiday but I learned a lot about taking children abroad. To top it all off the return flight was delayed an hour, we found this out once boarded, so we had to stay in the plane, on the runway…not fun with a toddler and a baby.

Our forth holiday is coming up in June 2011, this time it’s purely for the children. Charlotte will be approaching 3 and William will have just turned 1. This ‘family’ holiday is all the things I hate, my worst nightmare, but Haven here we come! We are going with some friends who have children of similar age and I’m thinking we will either come back as great companions or that they’ll never speak to us again!

Visit again to find out about our holiday to Weymouth.


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