Craft & Cooking Part I

Those of you who know me will also know my dislike of doing craftwork and my poor cookery results in basic home economics.

For me, craft is way too messy and takes far too long, all the effort that goes into making a greeting card when you can buy one for under a pound, is just not worth it.  And as for craft with a toddler, it’s just a disaster, particularly if paint or glue is involved!

And baking….well, my first attempt at baking was in 2007, I chose a carrott and ginger cake as we had all the ingredients needed.  But not only did I forget to put in the sugar, I also failed to add the carrot and the ginger! I had another go at baking in 2009, this time a fruit cake which quite literally exploded in the oven, I managed to pick some pieces off the inside of the cooker door and they tasted OK, but it wasn’t pretty!

I’m thinking that all this baking is too much of a chore, when you can actually buy a perfectly tasty cake from the supermarket for a couple of quid!  It’s hard finding the right cake reciepe, having to buy all the ingredients, finding the energy to do all that measuring and mixing, washing-up the utensils and then having to clean up and tidy away all the mess made! So, I was feeling beaten, but then there was Jez’s birthday cake was perfect, but I can’t really count it as my own creation as I had a lot of help from my good friend Helen, who basically did it all for me.

Jez's Birthday cake (courtesy of Helen)

In return and as a thank you, I prepared a lemon and poppyseed loaf for Helen, which not only ended up being transferred from a round cake tin into a rectangular loaf tin (twice), but the result was rather well-done and only the very centre could be consumed, with lashings of custard. Oh well, I’ll master the Virtuous Woman thing one day!

Burnt Lemon and Poppyseed cake


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