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House Build – nearly there

It’s December and we can finally move in. The atmosphere here between us and Mum and Dad is still quite tense but most of the rooms are now habitable and we can’t keep paying to live in rented accommodation. Some of our friends from church have been over and helped with decorating, it’s so lovely … Continue reading

House Build – 24hrs a day!

Jez has been working like a trooper, he has been starting work at the airport at 5am and finishing at 2pm then going straight on site until very late and then doing it all again. When he is on a late shift he has been arriving on site at sunrise and working until noon, then … Continue reading

House Build – Jez in control

It’s taken a while but we have managed to get a mortgage. Actually, it’s a complete miracle really, we never thought we would qualify, but the money is winging its way into our account, we can’t afford to pay a builder so Jez is going to build the house on his rest days along with … Continue reading

House Build – Screwed!

We are all furious and gutted, our builder has said that he can no longer complete the job for the price he quoted, he needs another £50k to get the roof on! The atmosphere here is dreadful.It seems he is a bit of a con-man, we’ve discovered he’s currently extending his own property and has … Continue reading

House Build – Another £ instalment!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, our builder says he needs the final amount of money to continue, so we gave him the cash and waiting for him to come back to continue with the next stage. We’re slightly anxious, but have no option as he seems to have us wrapped around … Continue reading

House Build – Roof

The roof is going on! Yippee! It looks such hard work and it seems to be taking forever, I’m sure the guys on site are putting 3 screws in and taking 2 screws out! Except for Jez of course, who is working like a trooper! You can really see the build taking shape now, I’ve … Continue reading

House Build – Blockwork

Our builder is SOOO slow, he asked for yet more money again today, promising us this will be done and that will be done within days. We parted with the cash and are hopeful that he is true to his word. Fortunately, he was and here is the progress:

House Build – to DPC

Mum and Dad have pushed me to boiling point! They seem to turn every slightest thing into a problem, they want the most expensive of everything and whatever we decide or choose to do it’s wrong – they know best. It’s driving me mad! We just can’t afford to splash out on things like wooden … Continue reading

House Build – Demolition and Footings

The works finally started today, it is really exciting but also slightly sad seeing part of The Thatch (Mum and Dad’s house), being demolished. The idea is to build living accommodation attached to the existing property, creating rooms for ourselves and providing Mum and Dad with a new/replacement bedroom and bathroom (so they don’t lose … Continue reading