Keep your eyes on Jesus (and bright yellow bollards!)

As you know, I’ve been thinking of ways we can cut-back and live a more frugal life.  One asset we could sell and ‘downsize’, apart from our home, is my car. It’s a Volkswagen Touran 2006 plate. Ideally, I’d like a 6 or 7 seater again but as for a make, model or what it looks like I don’t really mind.  In fact, a ‘clapped out’ appearance would help with my new frugal image.

Jez, on the other hand thinks this would be a false economy as the replacement vehicle would not be as economical to run and we would have to spend a lot of money getting it serviced and MOTed. He could be right, but once I get my mind set on something…..

So, I planned to wash and polish my car all by myself, take photos and put up for sale. That way Jez would know I was serious.  I had it all planned out in my head what I needed to do and on my way home I pulled in to the petrol filling station to fill up with diesel.  For some strange reason I thought my tank was on the left and I parked on the wrong side of the pump, I’d never done this before.  I needed to swap sides which would be an easy manouvre for any driver, just a case of pulling forward and then reversing again so the pump would be on my right instead of my left.

Before I pulled away I noticed this big, yellow bollard in front of the pump, it had some large black scuff marks on it where some poor sole had driven into it. I thought, ‘what plonker would drive into such a big, bright bollard, how could anyone not miss it?’.

I pulled forward and CRUNCH, damaging the rear wing and door!

So the day I plan to sell it I dink it – what’s the chances of that happening to someone?


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