Night out with the girls

It’s been a while since I went out in the evening. Usually, once the children are in bed I have only the energy to sit on the sofa and eat dinner in front of the TV. What a slob!  However, last night a group of mummies from our church Tots ‘n’ Tinies group met up for a meal at Pizza Express in Winchester.

We had a lovely evening, despite the service being rather slow, food was good and it’s a nice restaurant with a good menu.  I chose a chicken, spinach and olive pizza with a salad in the middle, which I thought was quite unique. Conversation flowed between the girls and we all had a laugh and an enjoyable time.

Jez managed fairly well putting the children to bed on his own (for the first time!). He wasn’t sure where to find a vest and sleepsuit for William, so needed a little help with this.  Charlotte managed to prolong bedtime quite expertly but Jez eventually managed to leave her room without too much fuss.

Being the great husband he is, Jez kindly dropped me off and collected me so I didn’t have to drive, he’s such a wonderful man. All-in-all, I had a lovely night, thanks to my lovely friends and husband. Thanks guys. xx


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