Yesterday morning I woke with a splitting headache, not sure if it was to do with drinking wine on an empty stomach the night before, or the fact we had another broken nights sleep with the little ones.  Charlotte got out of the wrong side of bed in the morning, she was crying A LOT and couldn’t calm down (just what you need when your head is pounding). It took a good hour before she became ‘reasonable’, William was his usual beaming, cute self and once I’d found the neurophen things started to become more normal.

I collected Daniel (Charlotte’s friend) and dropped William off with Elbrie, we went to the trampolining class in Romsey. Usually it’s an hour of trying to teach 2 year olds to sit still and wait for their turn (which is pretty impossible), but today they were fairly well behaved and seemed to enjoy the class.  There were no tantrums or silly behaviour, so I was relieved.  Although Charlotte is amazing at jumping up and down on the sofa and bed, she is not really ready for trampolining classes, so when the session ends in a couple of weeks we will not be going again until she is a little older.

Once I’d returned Daniel to Elbrie and collected William I headed home and went to bed while Jez looked after the children, it was lovely to rest but my headache was being stubborn which was horrible. Jez woke me with a lovely nespresso coffee and then took the children into town while I did my workout DVD. I have put on so much weight since the little ones I wonder if I’ll ever get some sort of figure back.


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