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Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk4

How I managed to cheat only a handful of times on holiday last week I don’t know. I was surrounded by cream teas, fish ‘n’ chips, pasties, pastries, ice creams, chocolate cake, marshmallows etc. etc. I even went to the best chippy in Weymouth and ordered cod and chips for Jez, Charlotte and William………..and just … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk3

Out of the mouth of babes oft come gems! “Mummy pick me up, I like sitting on your belly” and “Mummy do you have a baby in your belly?” and “Mummy what’s that in there?” – Thanks Charlotte, I know she’s only 2 but….. This week we went camping, so a lot of the food … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk2

Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk2

It has been a tough week, no carbs, no alcohol, no fruit, no wheat, no cereals, no sugar – just industrial amounts of meat, cheese and veg (plus about 6 supplement tablets a day) and gallons of water. When you need to avoid all the goodies they seem to be everywhere, people offering you homemade … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge – Wk7

So, Monday 23rd May, week seven progress……………. You may have noticed that there was no week 6, that’s because there was just nothing ‘positive’ to write about. After my knees started to play up I just seemed to give up on my Muffin Top Challenge.  I’ve had zero motivation to exercise and turned to eating … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk1

Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk1

Welcome to the re-launch of my Muffin Top Challenge. Having identified reasons behind my eating habits and listened to God’s warning of the Devils devious lies (see Muffin Top Challenge – Wk7), I’m hoping that following a proper programme will be what I need to keep me on track.  So, I am using Neris and … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge – Wk5

So, Monday 9th May, week five progress……………. These are the goals I set at the start of my Muffin Top Challenge, my progress for this week is in red. 1. Exercise EVERYDAY: Jog/Workout DVD/Brisk buggy walk/Bike Ride/Trampolining (housework DOES NOT count) Failed – Much better this week, I’ve discovered Parkrun Events, which means I can … Continue reading