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William – pregnancy and birth

  When Charlotte was 6 months old I felt I would like another child and a sibling for Charlotte. It took me a while to convince Jez, but when she turned 1 year old I fell pregnant. Jez was very shocked and it took a while for things to sink in. I found pregnancy with my second … Continue reading

House Build – 24hrs a day!

Jez has been working like a trooper, he has been starting work at the airport at 5am and finishing at 2pm then going straight on site until very late and then doing it all again. When he is on a late shift he has been arriving on site at sunrise and working until noon, then … Continue reading

Charlotte – pregnancy and birth

Charlotte – pregnancy and birth

Falling pregnanct with Charlotte was quite a shock, it wasn’t that we were not trying, but Jez had had a vascectomy reversal and there was only a slight chance of ‘things’ working. I was very anxious carrying my first child, I wanted to obtain every piece of information I could about pregnancy and birth and … Continue reading