The joys of breastfeeding, weaning and finger food.


Breastfeeding Charlotte
Breastfeeding William

Government guidelines suggest that weaning a baby is carried out at 6 months and not before, until that time breastmilk is best and provides all your baby needs.  Mmm, well, I breastfed both my children and loved it (once I’d got over the toe-curling pain of cracked and bleeding nipples) but 6 months (!) I’m not so sure about that – well done to any mummy who can stick to the guideline successfully.

Charlotte in the highchair
William in the highchair 

Charlotte never took a bottle and although I understand that milk is produced by supply and demand, she just wasn’t getting enough from me. I started giving Charlotte baby rice and pureed fruit at 13 weeks. However, I was determined not to introduce William to baby rice before 6 months,, as advised and I wanted to keep my baby a baby, but the same thing happened with William and I started giving him baby rice about 14 weeks.

Charlotte and milkshake
William and bottle milk

Fortuntately William would take a bottle as well as breast and it made a world of difference to his sleep, plus others could feed him which freed me up to deal with Charlotte and other things.  I would always encourage a mum to breastfeed, the bond that is established is amazing, it is something that only you can do for your child and the sense of nurturing your baby is emmence. However, I did find feeding with a bottle enjoyable and you still have a lovely feeling when you see your little one gulping back the milk and the look of satisfaction on his or her face.

Both Charlotte and William enjoyed all their pureed foods and ate very well. Charlotte became a little picky after about 15 months, but I think this was more to do with her not having time to stop and eat as she is always on the go and sitting down to eat is not much fun.  We’ve often had to feed her in front of the TV or while doing a puzzle, something I would have certainly frowned at before becoming a parent.  William, being a boy, is comparable to a dustbin and eats pretty much everthing.

Lady Charlotte and finger food
Fresh Fruit cocktail
Snack time
Ice cream – yummy!

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