It’s been a while since I stopped traffic!

I’ll let you into a little secret, when I was younger I was quite a ‘catch’.  I had lovely long blonde hair, a trim, toned figure (which I wasn’t scared to show off) and it didn’t take much to receive a wolf whistle or beep of a car horn from male onlookers (perverts). 

However, that was BC (before children and before Christ), and as soon as I reached my 30’s the only whistle I heard was on the netball court and the only car horn I heard was when I forgot to move at a green light………….However I digress….today, I did stop traffic, once again!

Whenever we walk into town from our house, we firstly have to play ‘chicken’ crossing the busy road outside our house, (30mph seems to be the minimum speed limit). Then we need to walk on the road for about 80 yards while cars and lorries swerve to miss us, as there is no pavement. It’s so scary, I pretty much walk along with my eyes tightly closed waiting for impact!

So last year, I put pen to paper and wrote to the Highways Authority, Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Romsey Town Council requesting a pavement.  I put strong arguements forward, touching on the danger of the road, how important it is to walk and not use the car etc. etc.  My letters and emails made no difference, I received only one reply from Hampshire County Council saying that they didn’t have the money and it would have to be dealt with at local level.

But, it was so dangerous I couldn’t stop there.  I wrote to my local MP and requested a site meeting with Hampshire County Council…..6 months later – bingo, here is my pathway being built!  And… guess what, traffic lights – I’ve stopped the traffic once more, for old times sake!

Stopping the traffic outside our house.

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