Living The Good Life

In our house we are (I am) thinking of ways to be more frugal.  Times are hard for everyone so I would like to start gathering ideas, hints and tips to save money wherever I can. It is unlikely that I will ever be a keen gardener, so growing my own fruit and veg like Barbara in the Good Life is a very long way off, but there are some areas where I can learn to be more economical straight away.
Over the past few months I’ve been doing the following things:

  • Making a weekly menu and shopping at Lidl/Aldi (this has reduced my shopping bill by about 20%)
  • Using Freecycle regularly (I’ve found a double buggy, bathroom cabinet, car seat and baby walker)
  • Passing and receiving baby clothes between friends (almost kitted out William and Charlotte’s wardrobes)
  • Reducing the amount of washing powder I use in my wash (I’ve found the clothes just as clean and fresh)
  • Buying clothes at charity shops (jeans for a fiver, jumpers for a couple of quid and if you visit shops in the right towns you can get some nice stuff)

There are lots of websites out there giving ideas on how to be more thrifty and live a frugal life, but I would like to hear your hints and tips, things that work for you

Proverbs 31v10 “She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands”

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