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St Paul’s response to the people

St Paul’s response to the people

I was listening to UCB this morning and a discussion came up about the Anti-Greed/Capitalist Protestors (Occupy Wall Street demonstrations) outside St Paul’s Cathedral. I was horrified to hear that the Cathedral officials decided to close the cathedral doors due to health and safety risks to visitors caused by protestors. The decision to close is … Continue reading

Living The Good Life

In our house we are (I am) thinking of ways to be more frugal.  Times are hard for everyone so I would like to start gathering ideas, hints and tips to save money wherever I can. It is unlikely that I will ever be a keen gardener, so growing my own fruit and veg like Barbara … Continue reading

House Build – Another £ instalment!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, our builder says he needs the final amount of money to continue, so we gave him the cash and waiting for him to come back to continue with the next stage. We’re slightly anxious, but have no option as he seems to have us wrapped around … Continue reading