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Finish the sentance: “Bipolar and bingeing on ………..”

Finish the sentance: “Bipolar and bingeing on ………..”

You can enter anything really: shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, drug taking, working, Facebooking(!) etc.  Bingeing is described as “Unrestrained and often excessive indulgence. An act of compulsive consumption.” There are times we all do things to excess, fortunately for most it is a short lived thing or it can be controlled with some will-power without … Continue reading

Muffin Top Challenge – Wk7

So, Monday 23rd May, week seven progress……………. You may have noticed that there was no week 6, that’s because there was just nothing ‘positive’ to write about. After my knees started to play up I just seemed to give up on my Muffin Top Challenge.  I’ve had zero motivation to exercise and turned to eating … Continue reading

Muffin Top

When William was 4 months old I started exercising a little and managed to lose a little weight, people commented and gave me compliments, it felt nice and was good for my confidence.  However, after a good start I gave up on the exercise and started baking biscuits, cakes and pies,  I was continuously snacking … Continue reading