Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk2

It has been a tough week, no carbs, no alcohol, no fruit, no wheat, no cereals, no sugar – just industrial amounts of meat, cheese and veg (plus about 6 supplement tablets a day) and gallons of water.

When you need to avoid all the goodies they seem to be everywhere, people offering you homemade muffins and millionnaires shortbread at church, stallholders handing me spring rolls and pretty honey snacks on the market, waitresses displaying yummy platters at parties and shopkeepers selling my favourite cereals and ice cream at bargain prices.

However, I am so pleased with myself, the only time I cheated was at my sisters 50th birthday party yesterday, I didn’t indulge in the food or cake but did have 2 small glasses of wine.

All this prayer, dieting, gentle exercise and will-power has paid off, I’ve lost 3 and half pound this week and need a new hole on my belt!

Neris and India’s Idiot Proof Diet is easy and the book makes sense, I hope that I can continue to do as well as I have done this week in coming weeks.

Here are my goals and I will post my progress each week.

1. Pray in this daily – almost

2. Learn about what God has to say on the subject (health/keeping fit/eating correctly etc.) – a little via Joyce Meyer and UCB

2. Exercise daily (Walk/Jog/DVD/Brisk buggy walk/Bike Ride)- almost

3. Follow Pig2Twig diet to reach target weight – yes, except 2 small glasses of wine

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Tim 4:8


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