Muffin Top Challenge ii – Wk4

How I managed to cheat only a handful of times on holiday last week I don’t know. I was surrounded by cream teas, fish ‘n’ chips, pasties, pastries, ice creams, chocolate cake, marshmallows etc. etc. I even went to the best chippy in Weymouth and ordered cod and chips for Jez, Charlotte and William………..and just a salad for myself! A salad from a chippy!
However, I did cheat by indulging in a portion of chips with my steak on the last day…. then when we arrived home I had a mini-milk ice cream, oh, and rhubarb with meringue pudding, ( maybe it was holiday blues?!).

So, it’s not surprising I’ve only lost half a pound this week (totalling half a stone weight lose since the start).
I’m pretty gutted, but at least I didn’t put weight on. Time to re-focus. I was planning to move on to ‘Stage 2’, those berries and seeds are calling, but because of my cheating I’ve decided to remain on ‘Stage 1’ again.

My praying this week has been a little better, well it started off ok and kind of stopped towards the end of the holiday, coincidentally about the time I gave in to that portion of chips!  My exercise hasn’t been too bad, we did a fair amount of walking each day on holiday and I even managed to swim a few lengths while Jez looked after the little ones, plus we went on a ten mile bike ride in the New Forest, although we probably stopped every mile to check the map.

I need to remember to put prayer first, followed by diet and exercise to really crack this muffin top challenge.

Here are my goals and I will post my progress each week.

1. Pray in this daily – started off ok

2. Learn about what God has to say on the subject (health/keeping fit/eating correctly etc.) – still none

2. Exercise daily (Walk/Jog/DVD/Brisk buggy walk/Bike Ride)- almost

3. Follow Pig2Twig diet to reach target weight – cheated 3 times

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Tim 4:8


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