House Build – Screwed!

We are all furious and gutted, our builder has said that he can no longer complete the job for the price he quoted, he needs another £50k to get the roof on! The atmosphere here is dreadful.It seems he is a bit of a con-man, we’ve discovered he’s currently extending his own property and has just purchased a new Merc 4×4, probably with the money he should have used on our build!

I can’t help but be a little annoyed with Mum and Dad and wish we’d gone with Paddy, but what is done is done. We have no idea what to do now, but have asked the builder to leave site and as things stand we have no way of finishing this project.

Mum and Dad are with half a house, partly open to the elements, and we are stuck in a one bedroom rental property……..time to start praying (maybe we should have thought about praying at the start of all this!)


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