House Build – Demolition and Footings

The works finally started today, it is really exciting but also slightly sad seeing part of The Thatch (Mum and Dad’s house), being demolished.

The idea is to build living accommodation attached to the existing property, creating rooms for ourselves and providing Mum and Dad with a new/replacement bedroom and bathroom (so they don’t lose out really). Also, the reason we would like to be living ‘next door’ is in case they need our help in the future, we will be there, on-site. Plus we can save on bills and outgoings as they will be split – so the idea, in theory, is pretty good.

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However, it hasn’t been without its problems and disagreements from the start. Mum and Dad want to use a builder they have chosen, while Jez and I would have preferred to use Paddy, who Jez spent 30 years working with in the building trade when he run his own company.  It was going to be a disagreement that we just wouldn’t win, although it was out money, Mum and Dad argued that they wanted to choose the builder who was going to demolish and build on to ‘their’ property. So, we had no option but to give in.  After all the builder (Steve) is going to do it for a very good price, including lots of extra’s to make it lovely, it’s a quote that Paddy can’t get near to.

So the works have begun, we’ve paid a ‘deposit’ and the men are on-site, working and we can see things happening.


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