Danebury Hillfort, Nr Stockbridge

We explored most of Danebury Hillfort in thick cloud and drizzle, but it made the experience even more fun for the children when we sheltered under trees and inside a den that we discovered.  Charlotte and William both selected sticks which they carried around for most of the adventure. Charlotte’s stick was actually a weapon that fired bees at monsters whereas William’s stick was more of a whacker!

We climbed to the top of the hill and then rambled along the elevated gravelled pathway that was the ‘ring’, it was very pleasant.  After a while we decided to drop down into the middle of the ‘ring’ and wandered amongst sheep and horses, we spotted beautiful blossom and new buds appearing and Charlotte was great at finding numerous rabbit warrens and trees to swing from.  Although it was a rather damp day we really enjoyed ourselves and finished off feeding the large Rainbow Trout in Stockbridge.

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