Quick fix at the flicks –

To say Charlotte is testing the boundaries right now is a massive understatement.  She has developed a naughty streak (big time) which I don’t know how to handle, as explained here.

However, I’m trying to remain as positive as possible and determined to deal with this ‘phase’ the best I can. One thing I’ve read about on ‘Dr Internet’ when dealing with this new kind of behaviour, is to try some Mother-Daughter time, something I haven’t really done since William was born.  So, in an attempt to make her feel loved I decided to provide her with some much-needed attention.  I thought that a trip to the cinema would be a good idea, a place where we didn’t have to talk (and end up arguing) so we chose to watch Madagascar 3.

It was the first time Charlotte had been to the cinema, and I wanted her to enjoy the whole ‘experience’.  We shared popcorn (which was inevitably dropped all over the floor), I let her sip a little of my coke (well, between you and me, it was actually melted ice-cubes at the bottom) and she fidgeted in her seat the whole way through needing only 3 trips to the toilet.

It wasn’t just a first for Charlotte, it was also a first for me – I’d never seen a kid’s film before. Of course, I’d seen bits of Toy Story, but never sat through a whole PG film at the cinema (accept Grease when I was 4!).  I really enjoyed the film and thought it was funny with a great storyline.  The highlight was seeing Charlotte’s face light up when the film started and I loved the signs of affection from her as she fed me popcorn and cuddled my arm.

Although a visit to the cinema is now an expensive activity, it did pay off, as she was lovely for the next 48 hours.

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