On the move

Have you ever had a holiday in a caravan? How long did you stay? Just wondering, because in less than a fortnight we will be living in one. I’m not on about a mobile home/static caravan, I’m on about the type you hook-up to a car. Yes, we know it’ll be cold. Yes, we know it’ll be small. Yes, we know it’s impractical. BUT, we are going to try to embrace this time and try to turn it into a bit of an adventure, especially for the children.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at Saturday, 16 February 2013The aim is to make it to November (or at least until our centrally heated, soft carpeted, thatched cottage with garages and a swimming pool, sells……whatever is sooner). As 1st March draws nearer we’re starting to pack, we need only the bare necessities as obviously there isn’t going to be much room, 1 coat, 2 toys, 3 pens, etc . I’m thinking about the logistics of getting ready on a school morning and how to replace the ‘naughty step’ with the ‘naughty stand-where-you-are’. I’m learning how to cook, as currently I’m fairly useless unless it goes in a toaster or microwave, plus I’ll need to prepare, clear away, set up, wash up and everything else on a postage stamp! Mmm.

While on our mini-adventure, we hope to:

  • raise our children without the help of large corporations, media and social pressures
  • avoid falling further into the consumer trap and living beyond our means
  • establish ourselves as a loving family unit by sharing quality time together
  • learning that having lots of ‘stuff’ doesn’t make you popular, successful or happy
  • reduce our debts and outgoings by living frugally (which seems to be trendy nowadays)
  • take advantage of the outdoors (enjoying the benefits of fresh air and time away from the TV)

Well, that’s the plan, whether it’ll work I don’t know. We are going into this blind, other than what we’ve read on the internet we have nothing else to go on. I hope we can manage without killing one another, as at this stage we’ve no other option. So if you have any hints or tips (other than “have you thought about this carefully”, or “don’t do it’) then please let me know!

2 thoughts on “On the move

  1. And are you planning to tow this caravan to nice places?
    We look like we will be doing the same – our lovely home has sold and we are off to start a new project – complete renovation – so a small caravan or even a local campsite might be our home for a while – so we have a large field – do come and join us.

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