William’s Nativity Play – Timsbury Preschool 2012

I love William’s preschool, it has such a friendly, family feel to it and we are blessed with lovely staff, all very happy to chat, support and laugh with parents at any point. This was William’s first nativity play and he was a sheep. After much battling and bribery, he eventually wore his costume and joined in with the other animals as they all walked the length of the hall towards Mary and Joseph. The adults were also treated to songs and carols performed by the children, all of which had spent weeks learning the words.

IMG_1122 IMG_1128 IMG_1131 IMG_1141 IMG_1146 IMG_1157 IMG_1163
After the show, parents could enjoy coffee, mince pies and take part in a raffle while children enjoyed a tombola and having their faces painted. William chose to be a green pussy cat. It was a very successful morning, the staff and children at Timsbury Pre-school all did a fantastic job delivering the Christmas Story.


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