Christmas Biscuits

My children are better at baking than me. Although I persevere with the whole cake making thing, the fact is I’m just not a natural.  I’ve made carrot and ginger cake, forgetting to add the carrot and ginger, I’ve had a cake literally explode in the oven and used jelly instead of gelatine in a lemon meringue thinking ‘well, it sounds a bit like jelly’.  When I use those boxes of prepared cake mixture, when you just add an egg, they still turn out flat as a pancake and crunch like a biscuit. Speaking of which, the children and I attempted Christmas biscuits yesterday as part of our ‘advent activity’.  IMG_0891IMG_0889IMG_0883I had a few problems supervising the decorating part, but I’m proud to say that the biscuits were edible and I’ve not had food-poisoning, things are looking good!

‘Give us this day, our daily bread’ Matthew 6:11  ESV (sorry I couldn’t resist)

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