My husband is having a mid-life crisis!

My gorgeous and wonderful husband is having a mid-life crisis, fortunately it doesn’t involve a new woman or back-packing around Bora Bora, however, it does involve a motorbike.  Jez has just completed his 125cc test and is about to tackle his theory and ‘big bike’ test in November.  Of course, I will support him and am pleased with his new interest, but the dangers and risks do scare me terribly.  Jez says that by having a motorbike it will mean I can use the car, which he feels is safer than me cycling to and from school with the kids in a trailer…..he has a point and it is ever-so convenient to use the car for school, shopping etc, so I have been helping him choose a suitable big-boy bike. I like this one:

Just kidding, I quite like this one really:

To fund his crisis Jez has been working lots and lots of overtime, we’ve not seen much of each other these past couple of months, but I hope we can afford something he will enjoy, hopefully leaving a few pennies in the bank for me to indulge in something special for myself too…………..oh, did I mention I’ve just got an iMac – Praise God for Apple!

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