Charlotte’s 4th Birthday

Charlotte was awake before anyone in the house, well apart from Grand-dad who always wakes early. By half past seven we were wondering where our usual ‘morning call’ was and decided to get up, thinking Charlotte may even be having a lye-in! Har, har, no such luck, she was patiently waiting with Grand-dad for her Birthday to start. When we saw her she exclaimed “I’m not 3 any more!” We gave Charlotte her gifts which she really enjoyed opening, This year she seems to understand a bit about birthdays, most importantly her present-receiving etiquette has improved on last year.

After playing with her new presents it was time for her party to start. We decided on the same theme as last year which was a Pony Party. Fortunately my sister is the founder of Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre, so invited us to hold a small party in her garden. Charlotte’s friends started to arrive and parents had a moment to catch up before leaving their children,. From age 4 it is common practice to leave your child at a party rather than accompany them, this gave me a slight nervous twitch, but Sophie, Ben, Bethan and Daniel were so well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves; that they were no trouble at all.

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When it came for time to sing “Happy Birthday”, I could see Charlotte was very moved, unsure whether to laugh or cry. I remember being like that as a child and just wanted to hug her tightly. Fortunately, Charlotte’s best friend Sophie put an arm around her and everyone cheered when she blew the candles out.

I can not believe she is 4, she’s growing into an adorable little girl, but she is no longer a baby………then again, she will always be my baby.

3 thoughts on “Charlotte’s 4th Birthday

  1. Thank you for sharing Jo. Looks like the kids had a great time. A real treat for the little ones to have that experience.

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