Eurocamp – France 2012

I can understand why people go to Eurocamp year after year.  We had a wonderful time in Clary’s Plage in the Vendee, France recently.  We stayed in a tent, which was new this year so very nice, clean and fresh, it had all the mod-cons, such as a fridge, cooker and real beds – quite a difference from what we are used to when camping!  The campsite was very well laid out and the people were very friendly, we were situated in a great position to people-watch and make friends, which was ideal for the children. 

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In fact the children had a fantastic time, each day they would have a swimming lesson followed by a play session taken by one of the kid’s club leaders, in the afternoon another session was run and there was plenty of variety and ideas to entertain the children.  We spent some time at the beach and surprisingly William loved it, he was previously scared of the ‘big water’ and hated sand.  Charlotte’s aim was to get wet and then roll in as much sand as possible.

The second week of our holiday was spent further inland in Poitou Charente (where we were looking to move) with Mum and Dad, it was an enjoyable yet different type of holiday, much quieter and relaxed compared to the busi-ness of the previous week.  We visited some of the area where we had explored on previous visits and it felt like the rose-tinted glasses had really been removed. It was a real confirmation that we were not supposed to go to France, despite it being a lovely place to holiday. 

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We still can not understand why God put France on our hearts all those months ago but we are humbled and relieved to be guided by Him.


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