Proud to be British once again – Diamond Jubilee 2012

I wasn’t really interested in celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee until I watched a recent documentary about her life on TV. I developed an admiration and interest in this marvellous lady and felt encouraged to discover more about the Royal family, past, present and future.

It was a nice feeling to see homes, streets, buildings and the like decorated with Union Flag bunting and to hear of various street parties being organised in many villages nearby. Our first jubilee event was at Twyford, they had a really popular and well organised celebration which included a hog roast, various stalls where you could buy numerous things, face painting, a bouncy castle, a beer tent, as well as on-going entertainment such as dancing and live bands. It was a really fun-packed afternoon and the children looked adorable in their jubilee outfits (well, William refused to wear his!)

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying a full calendar of events on TV, such as the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, All the Queen’s Horses and the fantastic Diamond Jubilee BBC Concert. The Queen didn’t stop, even to sit down, and despite Prince Philip being taken ill she carried on in true British spirit; being there for her Country.

We also attended a fantastic event at Braishfield, they were running the ‘best picnic table’ competition and the variety and standard of the food was amazing, the table decoration was like something out of a Cath Kidston shop, there was a real wow factor and it was all terribly British, think of strawberries and champagne. Braishfield gave out jubilee mugs to all the children living in the village and there was a number of live bands playing well into the night.

I’m really pleased that I was drawn into all the celebrations and my opinion of the Royal Family is now a more positive one. In the olden days there used to be a saying which doesn’t seem to apply to society anymore which is “proud to be British” and I think this jubilee has allowed many of us to begin to whisper these words once again.


One thought on “Proud to be British once again – Diamond Jubilee 2012

  1. I really like the kids little outfits. It was a great weekend of celebration and communities coming together.

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