Yippee – Summer is here!

What lovely weather we’re having……at long last!  However, the children were overheating, becoming rather hot and bothered, so we took a quick trip to the supermarket and took advantage of the air conditioning; and in particular the fridge isles.  We couldn’t stay there all day without being suspected of shoplifting, so we headed home and filled some trugs with water, the children both enjoyed seeing which kitchen utensils and items would sink and float.  However, this soon ended in a bit of a water fight, with me getting soaked the most!   It has been difficult to keep them out of the pool too, William loves to jump into my arms while Charlotte just throws herself in making as big a splash as she possibly can. I really hope this weather continues, particularly as we take our first camping trip in a few days.  Praise God for the sunshine. 

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2 thoughts on “Yippee – Summer is here!

  1. Next time it’s that hot, we’re going join you in your lovely pool! That OK? Hope you had a great camping trip.

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