A change of direction

We have been carefully reviewing our plans about moving to France and, for a number of reasons, we do not feel that now is the right time for us. Too many doors have been closing, too many bible verses keep speaking to us which has led us to believe we are to stay in the UK. We’ve received pictures and words from God through fellow Christians that clearly show we are to be here.

At first I was disappointed, but I also had an overwhelming sense of Gods peace. One of the bible verses that spoke to us in the early days was Luke 14.28 “first estimate the cost”, initially we thought this was about financial cost, but really it was about the overall cost we’d pay in moving to France, things like leaving our friends, work, family, church, home….all the things God has blessed us with right here.

Many people came us to us with bible verses about being still, trusting in God, having faith and being content. We were given pictures of gates firmly closed with a chain and padlock….not a picture of a ferry in sight!

Fortunately God was in control. He made sure the house didn’t sell, when all around us others had sold signs in their gardens. I believe He allowed me to experience a period of anxiety, which made me turn to him and rely on him more than ever. He helped me realise that everything I needed was here, where we are, He’d provided all I’d prayed for (and more) and I know that He wants me to enjoy the blessings He has given me.

No matter how many times I screw up, try to do things in my own strength and miss God’s neon signs, He gently and tenderly steers me back on the right path and He gracefully forgives me. It’s a privaledge to be obedient to God, knowing He has plans to give us hope and a future. My prayer is to thank God for saving me from myself, teaching me to trust Him more yet allowing me to learn through mistakes. What a loving Father we have.


2 thoughts on “A change of direction

  1. What a wonderful thing to be honest with ourselves and realise when we need to submit to God and let Him be in control. Looking forward to many more years of building our friendship in the UK!!!

  2. I know he has made the right decision for you – I am sure it has been difficult for you to accept – but you will just go from strength to strength now I am sure – God Bless, but all the same we are sad you did not come and at least visit xx Perhaps another time – make France a holiday destination.

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