I’ve won an award!

I’ve won an award from the Versatile Blogger! I was kindly nominated by my good friend at theoldpolicehouse.

Quite simply, the nomination is the award itself – so I’m already a winner and am going to enjoy the moment!  In fact, the award is more of a blogger-to-blogger chain letter/encourager, as once you become a winner you then get to nominate your favourite sites with the award as well (check out ‘People I Like’ bottom right who I‘ve nominated)

I really enjoy writing my blog, it is a great way to record memories and I am excited about how it will evolve in the future.  I’ve still a lot to learn and one day I hope to take it on to the next level and learn how to write product review, promote items and maybe even earn a few pennies.  In the meantime, I’m happy with writing my little online diary.

As part of the ’acceptance speech’ I am required to mention 7 things about myself, so here goes:

1. I’m a wife to my wonderful husband, mother of 2 adorable little ones and a blessed child of God

2. I’ve had more jobs than hot dinners, but am finally managing to stick at being a Mummy!

3. I have had bi-polar disorder since I was a child

4. I like cooking and baking, but can burn water…..so it’s often a disaster

5. I like peace and quiet, good food and wine

6. I prefer to text than talk

7. I used to play netball and run for my County

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you also for all your kind comments which I love to receive.  Remember to check out the sites I’ve nominated by clicking on the links under ‘People I Like’, they’re all worth a visit, I have my favourites………but they ALL receive the award of Versatile Blogger – congratulations.


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