Snow business like….

Charlotte woke at 5am and as soon as the daylight hit the back garden she noticed it.  Her face lit up and she screamed with joy “LOOK Mummy, SNOW, real snow, LOOK!”

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It was a moment I won’t forget as this is the first time she has really been able to express her excitement about snow properly. Last year we had “real snow” too, but she was probably a little young to really understand.

This year she was out in the garden like a shot, not even having time to change out of her PJs and making footprints, angel wings and snowballs.  Much to Charlotte’s delight, Granddad ventured outdoors as well with the aim of building his infamous precision engineered snowman.

We only had a couple of centimetres of the stuff, but it was still enough for Charlotte to get all silly about. Unfortunately, it had all melted by the time William woke up, but we did find a little bit for him to enjoy in the New Forest.


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