Finish the sentance: “Bipolar and bingeing on ………..”

You can enter anything really: shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, drug taking, working, Facebooking(!) etc.  Bingeing is described as “Unrestrained and often excessive indulgence. An act of compulsive consumption.”

There are times we all do things to excess, fortunately for most it is a short lived thing or it can be controlled with some will-power without causing too much of a problem.  However during episodes of bi-polar highs or lows there is little control over bingeing, often with little or no awareness, and it can continue for some time.

As is common with most bipolar sufferers, my bingeing used to be buying in excess.  I’ve bought a variety of cars on a whim, including an Audi A6, Lotus Elise and Range Rover….all of which I couldn’t afford.  Other times I’ve splashed out on luxury, exotic holidays; expensive, wardrobes full of clothes and even a couple of houses (once I sent Jez a text to tell him we’d just bought a house!)

These crazy acts are hard to control, in fact even nowadays with medication and the awareness I have it’s still difficult to stop the bingeing.  Although the excess and compulsion is there the restraint is much better, Jez keeps an eye on me and I am now able to recognise the start of a bingeing episode.  
It’s only been recently that I’ve realised my binge/over-eating and drinking is related to my bi-polar, it’s such a relief to realise and ‘come-to-terms’ with this, accepting it as part of my condition.  The only temptations I have are the same temptations other people have. But I can trust God. He will never let me be tempted more that I can bear.  But when I am tempted, God will also give me a way to avoid temptation (1 Corinthains 10:13) 

Therefore I’m taking steps to manage it better with a 40 day ‘stronghold busting programme’.  I don’t expect it to cure me but to simply help me manage and be in more control of my bingeing.  The programme consists of identifying the ‘lie and effect’ on my life followed by a selection of actual ‘truths’ from God, ending with a prayer.  I‘ll come back after 40 days to let you know how I get on.


2 thoughts on “Finish the sentance: “Bipolar and bingeing on ………..”

  1. I’m wondering how this went. I was just diagnosed and did not realize binging was a part of bipolar. It explains so much. Although I’ve never bought a house, I will binge on food, reading, games, and they will be all I eat sleep and breath during that time. Any tips would be awesome

    • Thanks for posting. I read your blog and felt encouraged by your love of God and could really relate to your bipolar worries. It’s taken me several years to come to terms with my bipolar and it’s only through prayer, understanding friends and correct medication that it is now under control (it’s not ‘fixed’ but it is heaps better). I no longer want God to heal me, I no longer question ‘why’. I have learnt to rejoice that I have bipolar and it’s given me an opportunity to be obedient to God, which I love – whereas before I struggled listening to people suffering with the highs and lows I can now comfortably walk alongside them with genuine interest and love. I found that publicly writing about it on my blog helped me a lot and I found others (mostly Christians battling with it) came out of the ‘wood-work’. I’m now able to serve the Lord and it’s a privilege, before I would ask what my purpose was, OK I’m a wife, mother but I’m also here in this capacity too. I wish I’d realised this sooner but while I was struggling God was preparing me, I was actually gaining experience. Maybe God has a similar plan for you. Don’t be embarrassed by bipolar, be joyful and I’m sure God will see you right. Praying for you on your journey.

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