Rodney the Stable Rat

Charlotte didn’t sleep much last night, as she was so excited about her forthcoming appearance in the school nativity play.  Yes, it’s that time of year when every proud mummy announces that their child will be on stage, regardless of their role. Well, I’m one of those mummies and I was as proud as punch as the whole nursery starred as ‘chickens’ in the fantastic performance of Rodney the Stable Rat at Hampshire Collegiate School.

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Much to my delight there was a strong ‘Christian’ theme to the nativity, which bizarrely isn’t allowed in some schools nowadays!  The emphasis was on Jesus and the message was about how everyone is important to our Lord and Saviour.  All the children were adorable and the staff did a marvellous job delivering the production, getting the children ready and teaching them all the songs and lines in time for the big performance.  Charlotte and her nursery friends sang at the tops of their voices, with actions included, which brought a tear to my eye.  Here is my gorgeous little chicken.

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