Exploring the West

Tuesday was spent visiting what would be our nearest town and city.  Chateaulin is a beautiful town with the Brest-Nantes canal running through the centre. 

It is very picturesque and had a good number of shops and places to explore.  However, Quimper is simply breathtaking, the enormous Cathedral was magnificent, the adorable medieval buildings and pretty lanes had me captivated and the indoor markets were an experience. 

It was chic and cosmopolitan under an umbrella of culture and beauty. 

I can honestly say that Quimper is possibly one of the prettiest, places we’ve visited in Europe. We enjoyed our cheese baguettes sat in the centre of one of the many squares, then treated ourselves to some calorific crepes and coffee. 

The children were enjoying running around the cobbled streets and we came across Le Petit Pas which was the equivalent of a British Sure Start Centre, but in a renovated barn and although it was clean and fun for the children it was like stepping back in time.  We talked with the two elderly ladies running the La Petit Pas, it was a good opportunity to practise our French, they were very friendly and knew some English words.  A few other Mummies dropped by with their babies, I find that children are a good conversation point, so it was easy to start chatting with them and they seemed to enjoy trying their English while we attempted our French.

An evening of packing was followed by a 3am start as William woke up wanting to play. At least we’d be on time for our ferry check-in! We also had time to play with William without Charlotte destroying his game, a time to do our devotions and chat about the house in Chateauneuf-du-Faou, I must admit I even started to plan where furniture would go and which room would be used for what and who.  Jez had already designed the garden in his mind, the areas for the vegetables and chickens and piggies – we are hopeful but know nothing can be done until our house is sold.


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