Travelling West

Monday was a day full of viewings in Finistere.  How spending the day travelling around and looking at houses can be so exhausting for us adults I don’t know! Maybe it is something to do with having two lively children who want to touch everything they are not supposed to.  Our first viewing was at a property in Chatueaneuf-du-Faou, we met with Patrick at St Goazec church, he was a really nice chap and his wife Heather who also came along was lovely. It seemed like they worked together and the two of them compliment each other really well.  The property is THE property – the one!  We fell in love with it and had such great conversations with Patrick and Heather, they also work with LBV and already have clients they can pass our way.  The property is gorgeous, everything about it was perfect.  We had such a nice feeling afterwards and know we have to be patient while we wait for our house to sell before we can even consider putting in an offer.  The children seemed right at home in the garden and less than a 2 minute walk takes you to the Brest-Nantes canal, the countryside is rolling and in the distance is the Chateux de Trevarezwhich the property was once part of.  The outbuildings are formidable and have so much potential, the house is large but beautiful – I can really see us there.  It would be perfect.  Time to pray!

This is the Chateau NOT the house!

Before continuing with our afternoon of viewings, we stopped of at the coast north of Morlaix in the hope the children would burn off some energy.  The afternoon was a valuable waste of time, which I know is an oxymoron, but it had to be done.  A number of unsuccessful viewings throughout north Finistere, with a very unfriendly and scary French immobiller, further confirmed that the property in Chateauneuf-du-Faou is where we want to live.



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