A weekend of visiting friends (new and old)

We know Sue and Matt from our old church in Eastleigh, they now live in Baud, just south of Pontivy.  It lovely to catch up (we’d not seen them for several years so had plenty to talk about).  We were treated to some wonderful home-cooked food and had a chance to discuss LBV as Sue and Matt cover the Pontivy area and they had nothing but positives to tell us.  It was helpful to hear some hints and tips and to know that our friends rate LBV kind of gives it a further seal of approval.  Our invitation to lunch at a toddler/baby free home was the first we’d attended since having children, it was quite worrying wondering what was going to be smashed, stained, ripped etc and who was going to have a meltdown first (me or the children!), but to be fair Charlotte and William were really well behaved, Sue and Matt pretty let them have the run of the house and had some toys which they were able to play with.  I can’t deny that it was nerve-wracking and I’d forgotten what it was like to be in a room with food on the table instead of the wall and having an area free from children running around, screaming beneath my feet.

Church on Sunday was memorable……….but probably for all the wrong reasons.  We’d had very little sleep the night before as the children were really unsettled.  Our morning started off in a big, grey cloud, we were both moody and sulking which was really unlike us.  However back to church, neither of us felt like giving our best Christian smile and enthusiastic greetings, but we prayed and God filled us with His spirit, so we managed to apologise to each other and have a cuddle.  We had no misconceptions that church in France would be very different to that in the UK and finding a church like ours in Winchester was not going to be easy.  I’d done a lot of research into the churches in Brittany, we had chosen to visit an Evangelical church, so it was probably quite silly of us to change our minds at the last minute and attend a home-church, which was led in French, with worship in French to an English tune, a little like this.  Athough the the worship was lovely, the rest of it wasn’t our une tasse de thé.  Fortunately I managed to shut William’s finger in a door, quite badly, so we had to leave early due to uncontrollable screaming and hot-flushes.  At least it lifted our spirits and we were able to laugh together after such a bad start to the morning.  We were concerned though, it was going to be a problem not having a church to attend, it is our priority to find a church where the children can be accepted and mix with other children while we can learn, worship and serve.  Fortunately there are a handful of other churches we can visit to see if they are more suitable for us, but this is something we have to do before we move here.

The afternoon was a real improvement to the morning! We visited Hazel back in Saint Mayeux, it was so nice to see her again, I feel the start of a really good friendship, we had lots to talk about and she made us feel really at home.  The children played really well and had so much fun; it was nice to know they were enjoying themselves as much as we were.



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