Looking for less land

This was a day packed with viewings around Moncontour. Each house was better than the last and Cassady, the estate agent, showed us a number of properties that I’d actually discarded for one reason or another.  In fact the property we felt was most suitable was one I’d not even shortlist but actually ‘felt’ quite special.  The properties in Cotes d’Armor were fairly comparable to those we were used to in the Ariege, although I guess there are less derelict buildings about and there are more longere style properties.  At first we were thinking lots of land would be great, but after viewing a few with stupid amounts of land we discovered that an acre or two was plenty, our ideas of owning pigs and breeding them for meat was probably not going to happen, the thought is great but the reality is lots of work and commitment which may not be possible with our ‘LBV’ venture.

After the viewings we ventured up towards the coast and stopped near St Brieuc.  The children explored the beach while the tide was out and paddled in rock pools.

Even though we’d invested in some fantastic Spotty Otter waterproofs they probably weren’t designed for paddling and when the two of them fell face first in the water it was time to venture back to the car to dry off.  It was so lovely seeing the children have the freedom to run and explore, they were in their element and it made us both so happy to see them having such fun.

My Slimming World diet has had to go on hold. Despite the advice from my great friend Helen, I thought I’d be able to continue to follow some kind of Slimming World diet while on holiday, but since my ‘syn’ total on the first day actually exceeded the weekly allowance; I think it’d be best to start again on my return to the UK. I can not tell you how many baguettes, choc au pains, different cheeses, packets of biscuits and glasses of wine I’ve consumed, but it’s obscene!


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