The only toddler group in Brittany!

Our night was OK, we slept on the floor and although we probably saw every hour the children slept soundly!

Jez was great with the kids, showing them the lorries departing the ferry and allowing them both to sit in the front on my lap, they seemed so excited it was lovely.

The journey to the Toddler Group seemed to go on and on, it was great to be back in France and travel along the fantastic roads, but of course distances seem longer with children in the back. Praise God for in-car DVD players! We stopped off at Dinan for a coffee, croissant and to stretch our legs, we loved the place, just being surrounded by French buildings and people made us feel almost ‘at home’.

When we arrived (late) at St Mayeux we were delighted to find that Hazel had left us a note inviting us to her house for a cuppa as unexpectedly the toddler group had been cancelled. Hazel’s house was gorgeous, a real Hansel and Gretel type property. The children were free to play throughout the whole building while we chatted and enjoyed coffee together.  It was just how I’d longed for my children to play….running, playing, shouting freely in a home, something we can’t really do living with our parents next door. It was very refreshing.  Hazel showed us around her home and the outbuildings.  Unfortunately, they plan to sell as her husband has not settled in France – such a shame, but something that is not uncommon I‘m sure.

The journey to our gite was slightly longer than we’d anticipated; we seem to forget how big France is! On arrival we met with Beatrix who showed us around and made us feel very welcome.  The children enjoyed the space and freedom in the garden while we unpacked and made ‘home’.  We spent the evening by the fire, enjoying a glass or two of Merlot.



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