All aboard

Travelling to France on the night ferry, with our two lively children, worked surprisingly well. We chose against a cabin and reserved just 2 reclining seats – we figured that as Charlotte and William don’t sleep very well even at home, that paying for a cabin would be pointless. Once we’d boarded and after exploring the entire ferry and venturing out on deck several times, we stumbled across a soft-play area ideal for our two to demolish. I was rather shocked to see that Brittany Ferries had chosen a tame horror film to show in the children’s TV area – maybe the best approach is to shock them to sleep!

As Jez and I were sitting on the toddler chairs, thinking how long the journey was taking already, a lady and her two children entered. I was not up for pleasantries or chit chat, but the lady seemed really nice so we got talking. Her children were 3 and 5 and played really nicely with Charlotte and William. It’s funny how God does things, but we soon discovered that Hazel was the lady opening up the Toddler Group tomorrow (the only one in Brittany) that we had made plans to visit! Our conversation flowed and we later joined Hazel to watch the onboard cabaret…..which the children loved.



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