Bonne Chance in France!

Our move to France is becoming more of a reality.  Over the past few weeks we have been liaising with some very helpful people who live in Brittany to get their opinion on the area, our map is now more highlighter pen than region(!) with numerous places to visit, churches to attend, markets to experience, villages to explore and people to meet.

The aim is to shortlist places until we find the village that God intends us to live, I’m kinda hoping for a flashing, neon sign saying “ICI! ICI!”

We are doing our best to brush up on our French, reading French children’s books to Charlotte and William and listening to Michel Thomas French CD in the car, sometimes it seems like an impossibility, but it’s important we try.

We have now booked up our gite and ferry for our stay in November and then I’ll need to schedule in some property viewings and arrange meetings regarding work opportunities. I’m even hoping to take the children to a Toddler Group in St Mayeux, possibly the only one in Brittany!

God is gently preparing us and we feel He is getting us ready for “something”, but we may not know what it is until we’re there, naturally want to find solutions to everything beforehand, but God wants us to trust Him and have faith, and if there is one thing we can rely on it’s Him!



6 thoughts on “Bonne Chance in France!

  1. Wow, it’s all happening so fast! Will be praying that you know God’s wisdom and guidance as you take on this new adventure. I’m going to miss you too much!

  2. French children start, what you would call pre school from around 2 and a half, when dry infact. You will have no problems finding somewhere as long as you don’t live too far away from a main town.
    My advise is, young children soon become teenagers, don’t move into a dead end backwater, unless you want to play mummy taxi in 5 years time, there is very little public transport.
    Good luck with the move.

    • Thanks Jayne, we lived in a really remote part of France some years ago (BC – before children) and will definitely be looking for somewhere that has a ‘community’ that isn’t far away from a main town. We are obviously worried about the children settling in, particularly our 3 year old Charlotte, the thought of leaving her in a classroom full of French children that she can’t communicate with breaks my heart – but the benefits certainly outweigh that understandable emotion. Thanks for taking the time to reply Jayne.

  3. Don’t worry about the children, they have an international language, childhood, and soon pick things up. My son started school in the September with no french and by christmas was speaking fluent french, Now at the age of 19 his first language is french, don’t be tempted to shelter them by finding a school with alot of english , they will just form their own expat gang !! worry about yourselves !

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