every woman, every man; join the caravan of love…

….well….sort of. We are planning and only planning at this stage to live in a caravan. It may be the wrong thing to do but we won’t know unless we try!  Come March next year (possibly sooner) we will be moving out of our beautiful, warm, spacious house and into a caravan.

We have found a friendly land-owner who is letting us ‘pitch up’ for a while and grow some veggies while helping to look after some chickens, alpacas and pigs.  From time to time, we will be making trips across the channel to explore regions of France with a view to return there, probably not the Ariege in the Pyrenees but wherever God leads us………

Our plans for the next 6 months include:

a) prayer, lots of it

b) making lots of meals to keep in friends’ and relatives’ freezers

c) prepare the land we are using, we need to form a hard-standing on which to pitch the caravan and an area in which the children can run

d) research and purchase our caravan, it’s the end of the season so we’re hoping for a good price on a 5+ berth with an awning and in good condition, ideally less than 10 years old. 

e) get my new business venture up and running (Lottie’s Locker – still in progress)

f) get out of debt

g) make plans for our trips to La France!

And, that could be why they call me the Crazy Christian Mummy!


2 thoughts on “every woman, every man; join the caravan of love…

    • Mmm, yer! Will be quite a lifestyle change….as long as I can use some ‘Molton Brown’ in my little caravan shower I’ll be fine….Please pray!! Very excited but need to remind myself to remain focussed on Christ at all times.

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