Applying for school – your thoughts please.


Charlotte turned 3 last month and is so ready for preschool, she loves going and enjoys playing and taking part in all the various activities on offer.  She attends 15 hours a week and this is perfect for her.
But, as an August baby I worry about her starting Year R in 2012, when she will have only just turned 4 and may still be clutching her teddy-bear as we walk to class!
In a few months I will need to start the application process for her enrollment into Year R.  However, I heard that it may be possible to delay her entry into Year R allowing her to remain in preschool for a little longer, even until she turns 5 missing Year R out altogether!
But, although I can see the benefits for Summer babies there are also disadvantages. Missing all or part of Year R will mean she misses out on the ‘transition’ between preschool and school and many of her friends she plays with now may have moved up; leaving her with the younger children……will this hinder her progress academically? 
So, have you deferred entry or are you thinking about it? Alternatively, do you think it’s better to start them early and push them on? Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


8 thoughts on “Applying for school – your thoughts please.

  1. Don’t miss reception out for so many reasons: it is the foundation (why it is called foundation stage) for rest of school, teaching them So much more than academic. Also it is where friendShips are made and will be harder to break into established groups of friends. So much is taught phonic (sounds pre reading) wise thAt is not focussed on (as a whole class) and she would miss that. I have two august boys and it is hard esp as they get so tired but they do cope (at school and are grumpy at home for a bit) ……however you know best as her mum and is your choice BUT you may not keep your school place if you delay, do check if you decide to delay. Now is the time to look at Schools although if you wait til end sep all reception kids should be in. I am a teacher too, what schools do You want? Grab me for a chat! Xx

    • Such a helpful reply Grace, would love to chat to you. We have the added consideration of taking advantage of the 15 hours free entitlement at Hampshire Collegiate School during her 4th year, but we aren’t in a position to pay for education, private school isn’t something that’s important to me, she was just very lucky getting her place there. The other thing is we will probably be moving house sometime next year so she would be changing from HCS to Romsey Abbey CofE, for example, and then move again to a new school when we find somewhere to live. It’s all a bit complicated to explain here, a chat would be good….. x x

  2. Jo lets have a chat at tots next week as my youngest (who is now 11!) is also an august baby – so we went through identical angst! My very good friend’s daughter is 3 days older and she was 18 months behind in lang and communication as well so she had double the worries and looked into all the options extensively! There are difficulties for them – Matthew was fine in terms of tiredness as he was, and still is, a very energetic child. I do agree with Grace and I know how you are feeling (still feeling it very much at the mo too with him just starting secondary school and so the youngest yet again). We could chat at tots or, if you want meet for a coffee and chat this week!!

  3. Hi, I’ve just come across your blog from Google as I’m keen to find other Christian Mummy bloggers out there. Will be following your school progress with interest as my toddler is an August baby. Love your blog by the way!

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for replying. So nice to hear from other Christian Mummies, check out my link to ‘theoldpolicehouse’ and ‘my friend elbrie’ they are 2 of my friends from church who blog. Am looking forward to having a look at your blog – looks great.
      Had such a varied response about the school thing (as posted on Facebook and had most responses there), general opinion was that it is essential that the young ones should go on to year R and not be kept back. However, we may be in France by next September, so will be facing a whole new ball game. Watch this space!

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