Charlotte turns 3

It only seems like yesterday when I first met my baby girl, I remember so well the moment she was placed in my arms; so tiny and new, completely helpless and fully dependent on me to love, nurture and care for her.
Then again, on the other hand, so much has happened in those 3 years too. I’ve treasured every moment (well, maybe not all the sleepless nights) and marvelled at every milestone (apart from the occasional tantrum). I’d like to think that I’ve fully embraced my role as a mother, it’s a real privilege and blessing from my Lord, one I’m thankful of everyday.
And, just as God loves and adores me, and each one of His children, I do the same with mine. Sometimes I find myself absorbed in her beauty, a wonderfully created masterpiece, I am proud of her achievements, I welcome her questions and I long for her to love me in return.
Charlotte is at the age now where she clearly expresses her opinion, shares her thoughts and observations and makes clear her preferences. She knows how to make me laugh, how to make me cross and how to make my heart ache. I see her little mind cleverly working things out, being beautifully creative and eagerly inquisitive. She is now starting to consider the feelings of others and she demonstrates a sensitive and caring nature (apart from when she is unwrapping her birthday presents and others want to help, as I found out today!). I love the way she is a happy, joyful child, she is rarely naggy or stroppy, instead she has a captivating smile and uses it generously, long may this continue. When she was newborn people would stop me in the street to comment on how lovely she looked and even now people will randomly remark on her amazingly blue eyes or pretty doll-like features.
OK, so I’m biased, I’m allowed to be, she’s my little girl, my perfect little bundle of joy who I completely delight in. I love her more and more each day and as my love grows I pray she will respect, trust and love me in return and benefit from God’s promise, the only commandment with a promise. I love you Charlotte.

Here are some photos of Charlotte’s birthday party which my sister Kerie kindly organised. The children all had a lovely time and it was a great birthday gift that she could share with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte turns 3

  1. Thank you Jo, it was a lovely party and thank you to your sister Kerie for making her fab place available for all the kids to enjoy. It was one of the best kids parties I’ve been to and was such a great experience for the kids. Daniel absolutely loved riding on the pony.

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