5 oxymoron’s and 1 tautology

Today has been rather strange; it consists of 5 oxymoron’s and 1 tautology (oxygenius!)

Today’s Oxymoron’s:

  1. Too much sleep
  2. A successful weigh-in
  3. A relaxing toddler birthday party
  4. Lots of dry washing
  5. Quiet afternoon tea with a mummy friend
  6. A blessed trip to A&E

Today’s Tautology

  1. Answer to prayer

I woke with a splitting headache, probably due to actually having had some sleep which is in short supply at the moment, accompanied with a terrible pain in my neck (seriously it was an ache; I’m not referring to Jez).

After being jumped on by both children I dragged myself to the scales to discover I’ve cracked the 10stone milestone! I’m officially 9stone 13lbs and very, very happy. It’s taken quite a long time, but I’m nearly at my goal of 9 and a half stone, I’ve been very strict with my Muffin Top Challenge and it is starting to pay off!

After getting myself and the little ones dressed, we headed off to Daniel’s 3rd birthday party which was a lovely celebration, possibly the most relaxed toddler birthday I’ve ever been to.  Elbrie did a fantastic job and baked an amazing cake, hosting with her usual calm and ease. They are such a lovely family it’s always a pleasure to be in their company.

After the party we ventured home and I managed to get load # 4 in the machine and load # 3 on the line, talk about home-making Mummy! – oh, the joy!  The afternoon was spent, as us mums regularly do, relaxing over tea and coffee with my lovely friend Tamsin.  The children played really well and I even managed to get load # 4 out on the line and a dry load # 3 on to the ironing pile – it is a record!

Tamsin headed off about tea time and I agreed that Charlotte could have a swim before dinner and bed. She was having a great time swimming and splashing around, so I decided to join her in the pool with William.  As I was carrying William across the patio towards the pool I tripped and fell down the step, dropping him as I fell.  He landed on his back and head – I yelled in terror, throwing prayers up to God and scooped him up into my arms. I rushed into the house grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and ran back outside to call Charlotte in from the pool.

I always thought I’d be calm in a crisis, but I wasn’t.  I was manically shouting instructions at Charlotte and panicking, unable to work out what to do first.  I wasn’t calm at all. So I prayed, I prayed for William to be OK and I prayed for some calm.  By the grace of God I was given time, time to call Jez who helped calm me down, time to prepare a bottle for William, time to get a drink and some of Daniel’s birthday cake for Charlotte, time to turn on the TV and find a suitable programme for them both, time to cuddle and reassure, time to find Calpol and administer baby Neurophen, time to get Charlotte dry and dressed, time to get William warm and dressed, time for calling A&E, updating Jez and getting dressed myself.  Time to make some toast, prepare some snacks, drinks and load the children into the car.  Time to drive and arrive at hospital just before Jez pulled up in his car.  By the grace of God the nurses found no injury and no bruising on my little boy, William was happy and alert and charming everyone who saw him.

Jez returned to work to finish his shift, I arrived safely home with my treasured babies and I even managed to get load # 4 in from the line – now how about that for a series of miracles!

You protect your children with your life and to accidentally injure your baby is so heartbreaking. I feel awful, quite tearful in fact; but today I’ve seen a miracle with Williams amazing recovery, I felt peace and calm during a frightening experience and all this was gracefully given to me by my Father in Heaven. No oxymoron in that statement, it’s a complete tautology and oxygenius!


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