Indoors V Outdoors

What are your fondest memories of being a child?  Was it watching ‘Button Moon’ on one of the three TV channels, or playing ‘Snapper’ on the Acorn Electron? Oh we had fun, but can you remember how we used to play outside?

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No matter what the weather; we would be outdoors getting messy, using our imagination, exploring and having so much fun.  Did you know that nowadays more children are injured from falling out of bed than falling out of trees!

We live in an age of satellite TV, Facebook, Nintendos, Twitter, my 2 year old can use my iPad and my 1 year old expects dinner when the microwave pings.

So, is it really important that our children learn about acorns and oak trees, or hens and cockerels?  I know they can learn from watching Big Barn Farm or the Balamory Nature Trail, but what about making dens, climbing trees and creating an ant farm or collecting frogspawn?

I agree that it is so much safer (and easier!) to let your child watch Baby TV than play and explore the back garden……..but it is so important to get them outdoors, to help our children become smarter, happier and healthier.

Let your little ones have memories to treasure! Let’s put it to the vote what did you enjoy most from your childhood?

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” -Genesis 1:31


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